This Life

Lyrics: Richard E. Toy
Music: Richard E. Toy, Russ Weaver

On you I depend
And your smile means so much to me
I wish it would never end
But I know some times it has to be
I see the pain in your eyes
But don't you know I feel it too?
We all suffer in our lives
It's so cruel what people can put you through

In this life you pay the price
It's do & die & then say goodbye in this life

It feels like the end
I see you looking oh so sad
The message that I send
Is take a look & see just what you have
'Cause you can have it all & still want more
Have all the wealth yet still be poor
In this crazy world I've got to know
Why it is we all have to suffer so?

In this life
You pay the price
You do & die & then say goodbye in this life
In this life
You’re just a sacrifice
You do & die & then see the lie of this life


You sit alone in your empty room
Staring at the sky
Your world seems to be falling down
Your only question is why

In this life, this Life
You pay the price

In this life, this life
Your just another sacrifice
Of this life


© 1993-2011 Agincourt